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I’m Elizabeth and I’m a UK freelance healthcare writer.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a writer. As a kid, I wrote stories, created poetry, and kept a journal. I was convinced I’d grow up to be a writer! But life took a different turn, and instead I became an educator teaching children how to write.

Fast forward to 2012, when I changed my career to become the writer I’d always dreamed of becoming. Now I write about healthcare, especially the fascinating field of digital health, and I’m loving it!

I write in many different forms and styles, including:

  • Articles & blog posts
  • Website copy
  • White papers / special reports
  • Customer case studies
  • email marketing & responders
  • eBooks

Over the years I’ve written blog posts and articles on a wide variety of health-related topics. I’ve also written for businesses, including web copy, course materials and email marketing. 

So, if you need a flexible, reliable and professional freelance healthcare writer, why not reach out?

InMail or message me on LinkedIn
Email me at elizabeth@elizabeth.manneh.co.uk
Call me on (+44) 01392 580939.